Important: Suspension of your server/Hosting Account because of abuse

  • Saturday, 5th February, 2022
  • 11:47am

Dear clients,

Unfortunately, we are facing a lot of spam and abuse complaints.

Due to this we are forcing to temporarily suspend access to your server/Hosting accounts in order to avoid further misuse.
please open a support ticket if your domain or hosting account got suspended from here

It is our goal to work together with you for any kind of abuse complaint, and you will always be most important to us. Please get in touch with us immediately so that we can reactivate your server and you can take the necessary steps to stop the abuse. Before we can proceed, it is required that you send a payment of $10 to cover the reactivation fee which we will have to charge for the efforts involved in handling this complaint.

You can send an immediate payment using PayPal or Any method in the menu item "Payment Method" of your Let's Encode customer control panel:

e-mail once you have sent the payment so that we can reactivate your server and finally solve this case. If we do not receive your reply, we cannot reactivate your server, even if you have paid for the fee.

Please note that the temporary suspension does not have an effect on the server contract. Without your adequate reaction, the contract will keep on renewing.

Best regards,

Let's Encode Abuse Team

Let's Encode
Ashulia,Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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